Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jobcentre Target culture revisited - through another blog and the Guardian

Found another blog "Diary of a Jobseeker" which linked to this Guardian article about a whistleblower, the article in turn being supplemented by this video. I refer back to my own post from February when I had found threads touching on this subject on MoneySavingExpert.

I do reiterate that most of the people I've dealt with at my own jobcentre have been so ethical, and especially considerate with respect to my disability. In the Guardian article a dyslexia charity spokeswoman warned that "the true impact on people with learning difficulties was likely to be higher because in many cases it was a hidden disability," yet going on to say what I'm constantly trying to emphasise "we know that with a bit of help they can be terrific employees."

With my own disability being very "hidden" too I do wonder when I might deal with someone not quite so considerate, there was one signing appointment where one man spoke with regard to a reception position that he thought I would "overcome it in situ", not to forget the Flexible Routeways culture of trying to "coach" me to just think positive by them telling me I was a "good communicator" no matter how many times I told them that employers wouldn't say I was good.

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