Monday, 4 April 2011

Long-term Incapacity re-assessments

Here's the latest BBC news of people on incapacity benefit being sent letters this week asking them to be tested on their ability to work. Disability charities are concerned many of the assessments are unfair.

This article rightly mentions those found immediately fit for work who will be put on Jobseekers allowance, and those judged capable of doing some form of work being placed in a "work-related activity group" on Employment Support allowance. The minister speaks of this not being about forcing people to return to work, but helping those who could in some capacity. However, what I consider to be the bigger issue, is the willingness of employers to take them on, this is still not mentioned. This comment in the Guardian has a sentence saying "But who would hire us?"

See also "UK Unemployed Betrayed" blog link.

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