Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Flexible New Deal college course

Had a periodic review with jobcentre this morning, to be on "Flexible New Deal Stage 3", woman interviewing me was decent enough and does appreciate what I'm going through with Aspergers, and my overall capability of work.

She told me there are new college courses to learn a new skill, giving me a leaflet describing the 7 options:
A - Business, Admin and Retail, well this would be the inevitable one for me, for a refresher on the Business side, don't know how involved I could be on the Retail side though. Would have been good to have an Accountancy specific one, but gather the college have scrapped all their courses anyway, glad I did my Pitmans 4 years ago.
All the others are practical type work, which was never my strength anyway, just for those reading here they are:
B - Hospitality and Catering
C - Support work in Social Care
D - Construction Skills Certification scheme
E - Construction Maintenance
F - Computer Aided Design, this one might have been interesting for me but like programming I did before it may be that bit too specialised.
G - Welding and Abrasive Wheels

Next meeting in a month.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

New month, new blog to follow

New month, new blog to follow.

The politics of unemployment
This has been so interesting to read, the writer did computer programming, like myself many years ago and his thoughts are so similar to mine. He has some good pages about other types of work he has considered and weighed up pros and cons really well.