Sunday, 13 February 2011

'Target' culture at Jobcentre

A member of Jobcentre staff had posted on the "Mistreated at job centre" thread on MoneySavingExpert, though the post already seems to have been deleted. It was about 'Target' culture, which has been a big buzzword in recent years and particularly in politics, telling advisors at the Jobcentre they "MUST be making 1 fraud referral per day". This is ludicrous, the poster was saying what if everyone they see that day is genuine, and seems to be one of the genuine advisors refusing to do that unless they have suspicions of a person and is also sensible in not submitting applicants for jobs where they are clearly unqualified and otherwise unsuitable.

Another advisor posted on this other thread about feeling their job is more about punishing than helping people, look at the next post by a jobseeker as well. I've been impressed with how ethical the people I've dealt with have been when I see these posts but I'm always a little wary. Further down the page there's someone saying "Don't work for the DWP, the wage is one thing but your conscience is another."

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