Friday, 26 February 2010

Today's interview

Was encouraged having viewed the setup of the 'social enterprise', which runs training for people with learning difficulties, where I might be able to undertake this employment scheme. The director interviewing me seemed impressed with the experience of my CV, and did appreciate what I'm up against on the more conventional open market. Hope to hear in a week's time.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mixed feeling on meeting today

Today's meeting - I'm cautiously optimistic. This place I've got an interview on Friday 26th could be promising, I saw "good" communication skills on the job spec and the woman did say how I'd be working on my own at times and covering the phone for the director when he isn't there, but it wouldn't be a case of it constantly ringing. She agrees I'm "reasonable" anyway and acknowledges my nervous hestitancy, also adding that callers are aware of the nature of the social enterprise as part of what they do is operating a training centre for people with learning difficulties worse than what I have, and customers are aware that sometimes it is them that may answer the phone. Well, getting the interview is a big step in itself and I've not had one for a while.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Flexible New Deal meeting

Felt this went well, the interviewer appreciated my experience and accounts of that specific obstacle that I have. She got me to do this online questionnaire on a computer about my work experience and issues, then let me have some time to search online until they were ready to talk to me. I felt I got my capability across, and she appreciated the issue of unwilling employers.

Most of the activity takes place at a partner office and I'm due to see this partner in a couple of weeks. That did seem another "pillar to post", I was hoping that having been to the place I went today, I'd know where I stood with regular attendance there.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Meetings in the pipeline

It's all happening right now. Monday 15th I'm finally seeing one of the local Flexible New Deal providers for an introductory interview. I know I've linked to a lot of other blogs on here with uncomplementary experience of New Deal, and no doubt the new "Flexible" programme too, but I intend to approach this positively with the people there, being honest about my barriers to work, but positive about my overall capability and experience to date.

Also had another e-mail from the woman doing the employment scheme for one meeting at the local office on Tuesday 16th, to discuss further the potential suitability of a position that has come up at a small 'social enterprise' setup, with an interview two weeks today!