Friday, 8 April 2011

Latest job spec - just want to scream right now!

Very late in the day on a Friday afternoon, not often a new job goes on the boards at this time. Advert reads "assist the underwriting team by dealing with all the routine administrative procedures and to ensure that information is processed and filed correctly. To be a resource to the underwriting and administrative teams by assisting with data entry, filing, scanning, shredding and any other task deemed appropriate". So far not too bad. It's on one of the sites with a "one click apply" system so send it off with my stored CV.

Back comes an e-mail with an application form to handwrite and post, and a job spec. Here's the catches:
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Good telephone manner
Ability to deal with a number of requests and re-prioritise accordingly
Can explain situations clearly and comprehensively
Adapts communication style to meet the needs of the recipient
Covers reception as required
Personal development - to participate in the training of new staff

The application does have a disability question though: Do you have any medical condition that is likely to restrict your ability to undertake this job? If so, please give details and state any adjustments that you might need in the job to overcome this restriction. Will just have to be honest!

Doesn't anyone out there have a job that will nurture what I'm good at while not penalising what I'm not?

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  1. I don't know about you, but these applications take such a long time to fill in. I have a cv and all the training and couses I have done. It is impossible to send out a cv as they do not want this. The first question is do you have a ridght to work in the uk. Then loads of rubbish questions. The one I found really strange was for a phone company, they asked age, religion, can work in uk, did not want ant attachments, did ask a few more questions but got reply twice saying sorry but no. How did they come up with this ??? based on what?? age?, religion?? sex, bisexual, straight, ??? these was also questions??? They did not at this stage want to know what experience I had, Could I start asap, nothing.