Friday, 29 April 2011

Forum thread - Competency-based interview feedback

Following the previous post, this is the poster's interview feedback thread with the employer using a "competency-based interview" and "team work and customer appreciation being highlighted as weak points" as would have been expected. The gist of the thread is why was the interview even offered given that the poster had disclosed his disability in advance of the interview?

The first reply in post 2 asks him a few questions which he replies to one by one in post 6.
Q - Have you ever done a work trial?
A - Never been offered one. Have approached some companies, but generally the response is that they would not do this as it costs them a great deal of resources inducting and training.
Q - Have you had training in recognition of social cues? (Think GP can refer?)
A - I have done everything possible all my life! ......... I hate the constant need for people to think that *I* need to improve and the fault is *ME* and under my control.
Q - Have you thought of going self employed?
A - Yes. There are obvious risks and challenges though, particularly in the current climate. As yet I have been unable to consider any product or service I could provide I feel there is a market for in which I could excel, etc. Again my social skills are likely to be as much a barrier there as they are at interviews. Plus I would need some capital to start with, which I am highly unlikely to be able to get access to.

One well-meaning friend who already does run his own business did put the same thing to me and I had the same reasons for saying it wasn't for me, if I can't sell myself in an interview I couldn't sell my own product/service whatever that in theory may have been. The friend had said to think what I could do with my computer but I can't think what I'd do that isn't already provided by someone far more professionally experienced and with the sales skills. I know I wouldn't be articulate for all the legal dealings with solicitors, auditors, bank managers etc.

Post 8 is from someone in charge of recruiting - It's not easy to find an employer willing to take a little risk on someone who is a bit different or has a disability. I have taken that risk a couple of times, and unfortunately despite our best efforts and their best efforts, making adjustments, it hasn't worked out. Which does make me think twice about doing it again, but we do our best to look at everyone individually and not be influenced by what has happened in the past with someone else. ..........
Unfortunately, although your technical side was excellent and you could have coped with the communications side, there were probably several applicants whose technical side AND communications were excellent, so the employer was quite right and legally sound to give the job to one of those people instead of you.

I like post 11 too - The other thing to remember is that some of these social skills are actually a disadvantage in the workplace, or at least a lack of them can be presented as a huge advantage. You will NOT spend all day chatting on the phone / by the kettle or updating your facebook profile or otherwise 'wasting' time. You will NOT spend half an hour in idle chit chat every morning before getting down to work, because you just won't see the need!, perfect tie in with the excerpt from the other thread about the poster's partner's colleagues.

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