Sunday, 17 April 2011

"Hopeless employees did great in the interview"

A spot on post from the author on MoneySavingExpert and I've often thought this from some of my past colleagues when I was working. Some of his partner's managers talk about some employees with "how great they did in the interview at the start, yet in the job itself they're turning up late with hang overs, trying their best to leave early, constantly using their mobile phone, and generally putting little effort into the job".

This has a ring to it of "Talk the Talk but couldn't Walk the Walk", while for many of us with Asperger, we don't Talk the Talk well but would Walk the Walk when given the chance.


  1. I am rubbish at interviews, always leave remembering what my skills are, I love the chance to get past the applying stage, then the interview, to show that I want to work will stay at work and will give my all.:)

  2. Interviews so suck big time. I could do with an employer to use the Jobcentre "Work Trial" scheme as that's how I'd really be able to show them what I can do.