Monday, 23 November 2009

Appointment for the paid employment scheme for disabled - I'm reasonable positive

I felt very positive overall about my meeting today. The woman couldn't say a definite yes to starting the programme on the day as she has to take my information back to the head office panel, but empathises that my situation is what the programme is aimed at. Most importantly she can see my capability of work in my CV.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Back on the right track!

E-mailed my adviser back as said and she's replied, she's clear now, contacted the right people about the paid employment scheme for disabled, and I have an appointment with them a week today. Wish me luck!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday 13th - of tick boxes and mix-ups

Went to see the Flexible New Deal adviser again today, she seemed confused about the paid employment scheme for disabled and was now thinking that I needed to be an ex-offender or recovering from drug or alcohol abuse to sign up for it, then instead called the parent company of where I had already been to the "Flexible Routeways" sessions that had the role play stuff. Of course as I'd done this already, I couldn't do it again.

The adviser was confused though, after this meeting I looked up on the internet and found the scheme in question. It clearly says who is eligible is "people that have been claiming benefits for more than 12 months where their disability or health condition is a barrier to finding employment" and nowhere does it say anything about being an ex-offender or recovering from drug or alcohol. I wonder that she's probably had to deal with many people in that position and got muddled by all the different programmes and tickboxes. I'm going to e-mail her this link on Monday because I'm sure she's got confused.

Friday, 6 November 2009

The need for a "thick skin" in Customer Service

The second stage of the Jobcentre college course began yesterday and today, with a two day Customer Service session, oh whoopee doo I think not. To be fair the stuff was interesting, but really reinforced why one will not transform me into a Customer Service bod, anyway at least they didn't put me through the dreaded role play exercises. I talked to the tutor one-to-one about my condition and why I really need a back office job that I can just get on with, without me having contact with customers, she could empathise which was good.

Points were made about being "assertive" and how much one really needs a "thick skin" in Customer Service, which is why I was saying that merely attending the course was not going to transform me. The theory makes sense, granted, but as I'm naturally nervous and passive I won't put the assertiveness into practice effectively.