Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Asperger Employment Documentary to be made

On one of the asperger forums someone from a film company has posted about how they are working to produce a documentary about adults with Aspergers finding employment, as so many focus only on children or a 'special ability'.

So often the media like to bash unemployed people tarring them all with the "chav" brush, and its time something was made to counter with the plight of those with much intelligence and skills to offer but largely unable to sell themselves in interviews.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Potentially discriminating restaurant design

One well known roadside restaurant chain which I have often used since I have been a driver, has not been doing so well in recent times. Despite this they had a mixture of 4-8 seat tables for families, and two seat ones which I have felt comfortable to use. However, enter a well known TV chef and an appointed designer, the designers decide to have "communal tables" for those on their own, pictured:

This long table appears to have 9 seats each side, 18 in total. I would feel really uncomfortable with this, and my burning question is could this be seen as a discrimination against someone with Aspergers and similar who would feel discomfort at being made to sit at such a table? I'm sure that wasn't deliberately intented but have they really thought how someone with such a condition would find this intimidating? The chain's online news archive

Links to full article on and the chain's archive, see the 'Big News' dated 28 November 2008.