Thursday, 17 September 2009

An interview - have they read my letter correctly this time?

Well there goes the postie, just delivered a letter from a local seeds company I wrote to last week about an admin job. Expected it to be the usual rejection letter, but no, I've actually got an interview on Monday 21st, funnily enough the day I'm starting the "employability skills" at college. Interview is at 2pm, should be able to explain I'll be leaving college early, after all its for the reason they want.

The catch, well the advert stated they do want reception work, it was the usual dilemma, that if I didn't write I wouldn't get enough applications out for the job centre, but if I do I'd have to admit I wouldn't be suited to that reception side. So I'd included the crucial sentence 'I would admit I would not be suited to the reception aspect as I do have a moderate condition of the communication disability of Asperger's Syndrome', hopefully they actually read this unlike that company I went to in April.

Somehow I just can't quite feel excited I've got the interview, I know I should, but I've just had so many knocks, and this "have they read my letter correctly" thing. Still it does make a change to even get to interview stage of late.

Can only cross fingers!

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