Monday, 21 September 2009

The first morning of college course and very short job interview

Well I've just got back from the VERY short interview, upon arrival in reception, I was given this page of the job specification, showing lots of phone contact with customers and suppliers. I spoke up that I was daunted by it, as said on the previous post, I'd said about my disability in the letter. They appeared to have completely overlooked that, I could understand not being shortlisted in their situation if there was not the manpower to allocate the communication aspects, why was I actually interviewed? Such a short interview, must have taken all of 5 minutes, probably the shortest I've ever had, I felt irritated but knew I must still thank them for their time and leave on the best terms possible, and to say that I would like to be considered for temp work if they had any peak times to require someone to do data entry without contact with customers.

I've also got the first morning of the "Employability Skills" course at college to talk about, it was mainly spent listening and being given handouts. This was somewhere I would have actually appreciated a bit more time for one to one discussion of barriers to work. Plenty of the usual talk about selling oneself in an interview but what does someone in my situation do? This selling oneself does not come naturally. Another thing about being back in college, looking at the 16-18 year old full time students messing about and being loud mouthed reminded me why I really would not want to work in the education environment unless it was the absolute last resort.

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