Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The disability in applications issue latest

The three day course at college finished today, the issue of when to state my disability in applications came up with one of the tutors. Jobcentre staff had agreed it was actually good to be upfront because that ties in with making the employer aware that there are grants available to them and the option of Work Trial, while the tutor said a definite no, don't say it until interview because at first letter stage it is just sell, sell, sell.

I was also rather hacked off, when I was talking to the tutor on the course, about why I should not have contact with customers and suppliers, this other colleague (not involved in the course but just there in the office) cut me off mid sentence with a rather abrupt "you have to toughen up and learn to deal with it." That is easy for her and perhaps many people to say, but I felt very patronised, given that she had only met me that moment on that day and did not have first hand knowledge of the situations I'd been in. I put this in writing to the co-ordinator, probably nothing will be said, but it is in writing on the college e-mail system, if it happens again I certainly won't let it drop.

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