Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Week in which everything seems to be happening all at once

I'm actually getting some positive news this week. Just had an e-mail from the social enterprise where I worked last year as they've now got Sage accounts and will have a requirement for a day a fortnight to enter their information, hopefully to grow to 1 day a week and hopefully to full time work as we get busier.

Today is an ironic day for their e-mail to arrive as an agency have been in contact with a local temporary data entry position to start on Monday, hence that I've only picked the e-mail up late in the afternoon, having been to the agency office to complete some paperwork. They did say this job may only be for that one week, and I'm also being "cautiously" optimistic in not counting chickens until I am actually there working as I once turned up to an agency temp job a few years ago, only to find the employer had withdrawn the vacancy.

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