Thursday, 19 May 2011

"New Deal course content"

Latest "New Deal course content" thread on MoneySavingExpert in which, surprise surprise, a poster has spoken of activities such as " playing games, doing quizzes, team crosswords etc, making things out of paper."

Some key comments:
Post 5 - They're designed as an irritation
Post 6 - Providers do care about the outcomes and progressions into employment. Providing a second rate training course to save money could have a huge impact on an Ofsted report and so reduce funding and commercial income in the future. The content is agreed and must meet certain criteria to meet the funding requirements.
Post 11 - Thinking behind crosswords, puzzles, games is social interaction, getting your mind working again. I could live with crosswords, it was role play I really couldn't stand.

Counting the days to next Monday!

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