Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Victory Log Entry - Temp job two days in

I've got well into this temp job these two days, I hadn't dared speak too soon because of that time I said about in Friday's post. The accountant/HR manager I'm helping is indicating she's expecting to need me two weeks, just as the agency had said. I'm using another piece of software I hadn't used before (nice to add strings to the CV bow) to match purchase invoices with goods received notes in order to either approve the invoices for payment or raise queries where there is either no goods received note, or there is but it's incorrect.

It was nice to ring the Jobcentre's signing off line yesterday. Just got to drop some e-mails to key contacts to let them know I'm doing this.

Couldn't forget to label this post as a Victory Log Entry, good to reinforce positive momentum!

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