Thursday, 21 October 2010

Explanation with relation to a person specification

Well just after I'm posting about that reference to very rigid person specifications, I'm on one of the online boards and e-mailed for this admin and accounts position at a healthcare place. The e-mail from their contact says "explain how you consider you meet the person specification", and it is often said these jobs with very rigid "person specifications" require comprehensive explanations of how I would meet EVERY point, but it is one such classic example of the role combining tasks I would be good at with those that I wouldn't.

The documents they e-mailed cite communication with suppliers, patients, GPs, "providers" and "other external agents". It does sound a lot of responsibility for much more proactive articulate communication than I would have had where I was on the special scheme finished at the beginning of the month.

My contact got back to me with this to go at the end of the letter, "I have been totally open about all the key skills and attributes which I believe I have so I think it is only fair to inform you of those skills which I cannot always rely on. I was diagnosed with a moderate condition of the communication skills disability of Asperger syndrome, so am very aware that my skills in these areas are not the same as others. That said I do have full awareness of this and still feel that I could contribute effectively in 75-85% of the outline job specification if you were able or prepared to make a few adjustments to accommodate me. I hope that you will consider allowing me to attend an interview in order to prove my capability. I realise that it was not essential for me to disclose this information at this stage, but knowing how strong the current competition is in the jobs market I am keen not to waste your valuable time."

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