Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Guardian Letters - Living on benefits is in no way 'a lifestyle choice'

A few days after I posted the BBC news link to the chancellor's comments these letter writers in the Guardian have got the right idea.

Key sentences quoted:
- For a person from a very rich and privileged background to call living on benefit in any shape or form a "lifestyle choice" is the most crass and insulting demonstration of patrician insensitivity and ignorance to have crossed the lips of any politician in recent times.
- Government's own figures show that people with mental health problems, disabilities or from minority ethnic groups get sanctioned disproportionately. Now this really concerns me!
- In my own experience as a paid Citizen's Advice Bureau adviser, most people are very keen to find work and realise that apart from the financial benefit, work provides one with better health and self-esteem. It is a complete myth that there is a large sector of the population that choose not to work.
- Where is the understanding that it costs more to live as a disabled person, or that to find employment many will need individually tailored support? VERY TRUE!

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