Thursday, 3 June 2010

Article on new work and pensions secretary

The new work and pensions secretary is speaking of ensuring benefit claimants are not made worse off by working. One of the loopholes I particularly identified was a single person with a mortgage would lose their help with that, because the Support for Mortgage Interest allowance is an addition to Jobseekers and cuts out when working more than 16 hours per week, whilst the counterpart Housing Benefit for people renting is paid seperately by local councils and can be applied for regardless of hours per week worked. It is ironic that I could work 15 hours and still get the mortgage allowance, but do that 16th hour and I'd lose it and be worse off. If they address that loophole good for them!

His opponent has, however, picked up on their plans to cut £6.2bn in spending this year, including cutting one of the highest-quality programmes, the Future Jobs Fund. That struck a chord as it works similarly to what I'm on now, where the government is the employer and pays people a wage, like the third party charitable training provider is doing for me, taking the risk from the host organisation where I actually work.

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