Tuesday, 1 June 2010

38% plan to miss work for World Cup

Just found this article online about people planning to miss work for the World Cup:
"An estimated 38% of full-time workers aged 18 to 45 are planning to be out of the office to cheer their team, the YouGov survey found. A total of 2,463 people were asked what they were likely to do to watch a particular match. While 5% said they would take a sickie, 18% said they would go to the pub with friends or colleagues and 23% said they would take the day or half-day off. Respondents were allowed to give more than one answer. The survey found 5% would be prepared to miss or reschedule their first day in a new job to watch a key game on television, 28% would reschedule a planned business lunch and 17% would defer a meeting with their boss. Almost half of respondents (48%) said being allowed to watch the key games would be the biggest booster to morale."

The sickie bit struck hardest, how many of those dishonest enough to do that are the ones who get jobs ahead of me because they appear better communicators? I don't do football, I can appreciate the point about it being a morale booster for those who do. However at the same time in one of the jobs I did have I used to get criticised for not playing with the lads who did, or watching matches together because it meant I "didn't fit in", and resented that criticism because ultimately football isn't everyone's interest and to be criticised in work appraisals for not fitting in because of it is plain wrong. Playing or watching football wasn't part of my job description, there just happened to be a lot there into it at the time and I wasn't one of them.

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