Wednesday, 28 October 2009

This gets my goat - lazy guy on TV documentary and teenage apprentice stealing

No word yet on the situation with that scheme. Another local agency have been in touch about a temp ledger clerk job and they are still for the client employer to make their minds up. This waiting etc is so soul destroying, no wonder I started this Blogspot.

I have been these documentaries "7 Days on the Breadline" on Tuesday nights where celebritites have moved in with families on Leeds council estates with some perfect examples of really lazy folks, the last of the series is next week. One of these guys is late teens or early 20s, he slept in missing his Jobcentre appointment which of course meant he would not paid his fortnight's jobseekers, yet he even shrugged this off saying "so what". Worst of it is I wonder how many employers see the length of my unemployment and tar me with the same brush, when it is merely one count where I can't compete on the same level as my counterparts who don't have this disability.

To add to the upset I feel, a friend e-mailed me about her beautician taking on this teenage girl for an apprenticeship, but this teenage girl has stolen from them. It makes me sick that I'm crying out to be given a chance by an employer, while the beautician has given this teenager that chance of her first apprenticeship, and she's abused it by stealing.

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