Friday, 6 November 2009

The need for a "thick skin" in Customer Service

The second stage of the Jobcentre college course began yesterday and today, with a two day Customer Service session, oh whoopee doo I think not. To be fair the stuff was interesting, but really reinforced why one will not transform me into a Customer Service bod, anyway at least they didn't put me through the dreaded role play exercises. I talked to the tutor one-to-one about my condition and why I really need a back office job that I can just get on with, without me having contact with customers, she could empathise which was good.

Points were made about being "assertive" and how much one really needs a "thick skin" in Customer Service, which is why I was saying that merely attending the course was not going to transform me. The theory makes sense, granted, but as I'm naturally nervous and passive I won't put the assertiveness into practice effectively.

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