Friday, 16 October 2009

Glimmer of hope - scheme offering paid employment to disabled

Had the "Flexible New Deal" meeting at the Jobcentre this morning, the adviser told me about this scheme through one service provider where they get a PAID placement in the charity / voluntary sector, maybe this is brand new, if not one wonders why wasn't I told about it earlier. She really empathised with why the issue of selling oneself is difficult for me and that it is a crying shame I've got such a great CV with clear talent currently going to waste because no-one's giving me a chance. In our previous meetings she had given me letters to send with applications to explain to them that I'm eligible for 3 week "Work Trials" at no cost to them as I'd still get Jobseekers, yet none took this up. This scheme could really pay some dividends if they can pull it off, the gist is that the provider would actually be my employer and this would last for up to a year, it is aimed at people with conditions making it difficult to compete in the open market.

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