Friday, 28 August 2009

Re-education of employers - TV programme comment making the point

Comments from a Channel 4 TV programme about the company with the lucrative contract to "help" get the long-term unemployed back to work.

One poster Simon (28/8/09 16:06) makes the point I've been saying: "Of course we have to educate employers as well, as discrimination is alive and well in this country. You're only punished if you are caught and most employers are good at hiding things."

As an aside following some links I stumbled upon this hilarious photo satire of the company in question.

In the meantime I had my own Flexible New Deal meeting today, can't fault the lady I see for this, she does understand my plight in being such a largely able, well qualified person with this one issue. I've signed up for this admin course with the local college as part of "Stage 3", so not yet having contact with the company in question, though am concerned if I may be by getting to the "Stage 4" point.

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