Friday, 21 August 2009

Comments on article about moving disabled people to 'jobseeker’ status

This Times article is about the current Opposition drawing up plans to shift 1.5m people who claim disability benefits on to jobseeker’s allowance within 12 months of taking office.

Many of the comments are rightly touching on the unwillingness of employers to take on disabled people. At the time of writing there are 43 comments, the top one when ordered "newest" (default) and one on page 4, really put the point. So many disabled people DO WANT TO WORK, but the EMPLOYERS WON'T take them on.

Being on this "Flexible Routeways" thing showed that there was still such a strong mentality of seeing it as being jobseekers who need to be coached rather than re-educating employers. What good did doing role-playing exercises there do me? In that time could my caseworker not have been talking to some employers?

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