Friday, 5 June 2009

System 'failing autistic adults' on BBC News

System 'failing autistic adults' - tell me something I didn't know!

Quoted "Around half of those with autism also have a learning disability, but for those who do not - those with high functioning autism, such as Asperger Syndrome - accessing support for housing, further education and employment can be particularly hard" the National Audit Office said. Interestingly they also noted there is still a lack of expertise at job centres, with only 200 of 500 disability advisors trained to help people with autism.

I've already posted a lot about the "Flexible Routeways" I was on, with no special "support" as in going between myself and employers, more like just trying to "coach" me towards the normal open market, where I feel no amount of such "coaching" is really going to change me.

Right at the end there's a conclusion from Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, an expert in autism at the University of Cambridge, saying even when people were diagnosed they were often left "isolated, unemployed, lonely, and at risk of developing potentially preventable secondary depression".

I've had many bad nights losing sleep lately, thinking of my neurotypical brother being so successful in his work while I'm not. I had another last night, waking up at 4am and have had to concede I won't go out tonight to the soul music dance I hoped to go to because the sleepless night means I'm too tired to cope with driving.

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