Monday, 1 June 2009

"Better, faster... and no office politics: the company with the autistic specialists" article

There was a link on this thread on ASD-Forum to this article in the
Independent newspaper about a company in Denmark. They are debating it on the forum in some depth, I haven't digested the whole page yet, will add some comments of my own when I have!

Anyway one comment which really struck out in the article itself was where founder Thorkil Sonne said "In any company, at least one to five per cent of all tasks would fit well with the skills of people with autism. This could apply to recognition patterns in the medical industry, to accounting, to banks? Unfortunately, there is such an emphasis on being a team player and social skills in the workplace that there is still this resistance. But why do we all have to be like that? There should be room for other kinds of behaviour."

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