Friday, 31 October 2008

October's update

Well I've been going to the Flexible Routeways sessions on Wednesday mornings. Its been all about application forms and interviews so far, and how to sell oneself. I can't sell myself well because they talk of being 100% positive and no negatives at all, but with having to admit a disability like Aspergers how do you do that? Thought they were meant to be doing their bit to sell us on our behalf, seems too much emphasis on "coaching the jobseeker" rather than persuading potential employers.

Did have one interview this month with an electricians' firm. Wasn't too hopeful when they said they wanted answering phones and said "do you think you'd get more confident with practice?" It was a devil of job explaining that Asperger really is a disability with confidence to the extent that they can't expect me to "practice". My confidence may increase slowly with positive contact but one knockback such as someone being irate would send it through the floor.

I've kept rolling out the applications to the best of my ability, latest is one payroll trainee at the hospital where I've tried a few applications before, and an accounts assistant at a local car dealership. Usual frustration at everyone's requirements for "communication skills".

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