Friday, 19 September 2008

"Flexible Routeways"

Well a few weeks on and I've gone to this local provider to start on "Workstep" only they want to switch to something new called "Flexible Routeways". To start with I've just been going in on Friday mornings for a "job club", just looking at provided papers and the internet. Was hoping to hear of some ring-fenced job opportunities, while what I've seen today is only what everyone else can see on the whole open market. Well, one positive is it is their electricity to use for a couple of hours.

Flexible Routeways is "about providing extra encouragement and practical support to help unemployed people move into sustainable employment that is relevant and suitable for their needs. People involved will have a package of support and training built around an understanding of their specific circumstances." It often feels like few understand Aspergers syndrome from an employment perspective.

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