Friday, 4 February 2011

Sign on, news article spec application appreciated, plus meeting at volunteering office

Jobcentre appointment this morning. First thing in the portfolio was the speculative application from the news article and the advisor really liked how I'd done that. No reply from the company yet but he was impressed that I'd written off based on the article anyway. Next sign on will, as I thought, be one of the extended ones at the three month point and that's where they'll be reviewing things from the "Back to Work Session" so it'll be nice to present that application at that time too.

Straight after the Jobcentre I'd arranged a meeting at the local volunteering office just up the road. Its not just the money when out of work but the boredom and gap on one's CV that can accumulate. Doing voluntary work would help demonstrate my capability, commitment and work ethic, and the woman at the office could see I have a lot to offer and already has some potential matches.

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