Monday, 14 December 2009

"Present a professional personal brand" - Reed e-mail newsletter about a timewasting e-mail

As I'm registered on Reed for e-mail alerts and to search and apply online on that site, it sends me e-mail newsletters every so often. This latest one struck a chord for me.

Headlined "Present a professional personal brand" it continued:
Whether you're a new starter or a company veteran, maintaining professionalism can make the difference between keeping your career on track or hitting the buffers, as one employee found out to her detriment last week. A female graduate trainee found herself out of a job after resigning from a leading global accounting firm due to an email she described to the Daily Mail as "just a light hearted joke to celebrate Christmas". The message, sent to female colleagues asking them to vote on who the best looking and best dressed man in the office was, found its way around the world. She resigned just 24 hours later.

This just made me wonder, was she someone who had initially impressed the interviewer with her "good communication skills", started the job and then done this? It annoys me so much that I'd undoubtedly have been pipped at the post in the interview by this very person, yet had I got the job I wouldn't have pulled a timewasting stunt like that!

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