Friday, 11 December 2009

Interview rejection of "People who may not fit in"

This thread on the Money Saving Expert forum was posted when the poster attended an interview, didn't get the job, asked for feedback and was told the job went to someone more qualified, later found the same job re-advertised with an additional comment "previous applicants need not apply".

Replies pointed out that employers are entitled to decide who they want to hire, as long as they don't act illegally, and to re-advertise if they don't find someone suitable. Poster 10 struck a chord when an interviewer was impressed with their experience, qualifications and fed back about performing very well in the interview but weren't sure about whether this poster would fit in their team and they didn't know why, the poster going on to state he didn't have any personality issues.

A later poster talks of how "People who may not fit in" are not covered under antidiscrimation laws, whilst technically with a named disability I would be covered, an interviewer can still get round it by justifying the communication required in the role and stating that I wouldn't fit in, and they merely chose the right person, and I could go for such a long time not being anyone's right person.

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