Sunday, 11 March 2012

"Dinosaur interview takes the Biscuit" - more extreme interviewing techniques

As interviewing techniques get ever more extreme, this in the Daily Mail highlights how interviewers are increasingly using variations on the "If you were a (blank), what sort would you be and why?" question theme, examples being "animal", "dinosaur" (hence the headline) and "biscuit" (now that really takes the biscuit). This theme was common among contestants on Cilla Black's Blind Date, not what I'd want to expect in a professional interview. See this thread on MoneySavingExpert for some comments.

The main article goes on to quote that "the idea of extreme interviewing is to see how quickly job-seekers think on their feet", more of that dreaded "blue sky thinking outside the box" malarky. Hard enough for those without communication skills disabilities, for those with ....

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