Thursday, 15 September 2011

Jobseekers tell Channel 4 News why they are struggling to find work

An excellent article from Channel 4 News online with Jobseekers telling why they are struggling to find work and what practical changes they want to see in the jobs market. We all know the politicians and media rhetoric of Jobseekers being labelled as "too picky / fussy" whatever, but little consideration of the other side of the coin, where it is more employers who are able to cherry pick with so much competition and the first poster touches on this.

That first post also raises the idea of more "agreements between Jobcentres and employers", getting at the fact employers often take someone on who is already in a job following open market advertising. Another poster highlights the "overqualified" issue, quoting that the Jobcentre "don't know what to do with me because I'm skilled." Then there's the mention of the "pathetic courses that waste time and money", I'm all for people going to providers if they use their clout to introduce them to potential good employers, but not for paper tower building and role plays about nuclear bunkers and plane crashes.

No posts about the issues for disabilities on this page, but it is factored in with the employers who can cherry pick.

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