Sunday, 17 July 2011

Interview 'gift of the gab' revisited - weaknesses question

Another great post on MoneySavingExpert about 'gift of the gab', this thread was specifically about the typical interview "what are your weaknesses" question. This post (22) is especially interesting as even without reference to Aspergers or disability still makes that comparison between conFIDence at blagging and comPETence at the job.

Post 32 has a parent contrasting her confident son who dropped out of A levels but interviews well, and her more reserved daughter still doing her A levels and in process of applying for university, who worries about how she will do at interviews in the future because she isn't a "blue sky thinking outside of the box" type of person. That phrase does my head in too!

At the end of the thread post 41 is also very good, a man who accepts his introverted partner as she is and firmly believes "there is a situation and a job for every kind of person, it's just being matched to the right one for their personality."

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