Friday, 7 January 2011

"Mistreated at job centre - filing a complaint" forum thread

Another forum thread "Mistreated at job centre - filing a complaint" on MoneySavingExpert. The original poster had taken their standard Jobcentre handwritten diary to their appointment but was criticised that it did not appear to be enough in a condescending tone, which the poster felt the advisor thought she was one of the lazy ones or someone who is not intellegent. The posts following are a mixture of attitudes, what does stick out is that it shows the handwritten diaries alone do not carry the corroborative weight of printouts of sent e-mails and posting receipts.

Post 28 replies "Just having a couple of things on there over 2 weeks between signings doesnt sound like you are doing enough to her and she is trying to press the fact that you need to be doing more to look for work. She could have handled it differently but imagine how many people pass her desk and show nothing or very little in the way of looking for work." The same amount of writing in the diary can be open to interpretation depending on the advisor and their current mood.

Post 47 is one of the more level headed and objective ones summing up the mix of unemployed people "those determined not to work, those redundant after years of work now losing self confidence, depressed, stressed about finances..... having to work in those places.... having to suggest jobs to people they don't think will have much change of getting them whether that's because they are over or under qualified....", ending, fairly I think, with that the advisor's advice was valid but her tone was wrong.

Post 71 is a member of Jobcentre staff saying "minimum requirements are 3 active steps each week and those steps must give reasonable prospects of finding work", I think acknowledging that doesn't necessarily mean 3 applications. I'd said in my last post about the back to work session how I've seen from other forum posts, especially there on MoneySavingExpert some staff do interpret it this way, which is why it can be as well to make up the numbers in speculative applications if insufficient advertised vacancies are found in a given week.

Anyway the thread is now on its fifth page ...

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