Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Compulsory Christmas party!

A year ago I posted this "Death of the Office Christmas Party" entry when there was a BBC news article on the subject of the current recession meaning companies either were not having Christmas parties or getting staff to pay themselves, adding a few thoughts of my own on how works dos were not my thing when I was employed.

Today I was most appalled to see this thread about a Compulsory Christmas party on MoneySavingExpert! That is just beyond a joke in principal, to add insult to injury, they got snowed in the next day and stay another night in their hotel and now the company are saying they have to pay for that extra night out of their own pockets. Even before factoring in this issue about the snow and extra night, the whole idea of the do being "compulsory" really sucks here.

Here's my picks of the sarcasms:
Post 9 - "If you don't go, you get a disciplinary hearing???"
Post 11 - Final written warning for not wearing a hat out of a Christmas cracker, I should imagine.

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