Thursday, 12 August 2010

Reality TV jobfinding shows

The Guardian have another good blog entry here about the recent spate of "Reality TV" jobfinding shows, following "Who Knows Best". I watched this myself, where a young lad with a criminal record presenting him as much of an obstacle as my Aspergers is in job search. He was given one-to-one help from the director of the country's largest training company, who introduced him to her contacts, but this is not what usually happens on training programmes as shown by other blog posts I've linked to before, and as witness the "My main gripe..." paragraph in the article.

I'm not alone in the blogosphere in commenting that one of the worst aspects of many of these programmes is that they are treating unemployed people as "entertainment". The comment from writers called 'wishface' (11 August 2010 10:53AM) and
'ishouldbewriting' (11 August 2010 11:35AM) are good.

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