Monday, 17 May 2010

"Goals" - a coaching course this week

Still so far so good with the job.

I'm out of it for Wednesday and Thursday this week though for "Goals". In my first week I was given the leaflet headlined "Do You Know What You're Looking For - Read This Leaflet and You Could Change Your Life". Clearly it is a course of "coaching", after Flexible Routeways and its role play exercises I'm always sceptical of "coaching". In this leaflet it says "most training programmes focus on skills, not attitude, which is almost always the thing that stops people from achieving their full potential," so I'm going to be "coached" to have a more positive attitude, "to gain more confidence", "to overcome barriers, setbacks, fears and anxieties".

The woman from the service provider thinks I'll enjoy this and I hadn't the heart to say I'm sceptical, but I am. Clearly in the employment I had in January 08 I had trouble with working with suppliers, and when applying to jobs after that I explained in my honesty that I wasn't well suited to contact with suppliers. This seems to me that I'll be "coached" (preached at in other words) "Tell yourself you can overcome that", but was I not already trying to do just that by persisting with the employment in question? I did not protest about being asked to take those calls until matters came to a head with the aggressive, confontational general manager of the company, precisely because I was trying to have a positive attitude and "tell myself I can" do it, but clearly I reached a breaking point.

No amount of courses like this would change this, for me to have success in a job on the open market the contact with suppliers still has to be removed from my role, that is the employer's duty to make reasonable adjustments to a disabled employee's role.

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