Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Ringaround of employers for Asperger awareness

The guy doing the "Flexible Routeways" had a ringaround of 8 employers of different types about what they would do if they had employed or were about to consider employing someone with Asperger. He's just e-mailed me about his findings, with only 2 of those contacted fully aware of Aspergers. The others were happy to listen and agreed the potential benefits far outweighed the negatives. In some cases, it was thought that extra time which the companies didn’t have would be needed to give help and assistance to a person with Aspergers, after explaining only the normal about of induction time was needed things became clearer, the only main adjustment being to reallocate substantial amounts of face-to-face and telephone contact with customers and suppliers to a colleague with better ability on that count.

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